Denver Riggleman on Monday attempted to look decisive by issuing a "challenge" for debates and forums both campaigns had already agreed on.
WARRENTON, VA--After all the pressure building to force Denver to show up to the Senior Statesmen Candidate Forum, his campaign tried to pull a fast one on voters by issuing a "challenge" to Leslie Cockburn with debates that both campaigns had accepted weeks ago. The four debates and forums listed have been agreed to since last month, and Cockburn's campaign has even agreed to more debates that Riggleman has yet to accept. 
"As usual, Denver is trying to pull a fast one on voters in our district by issuing an empty challenge," said Leslie Cockburn's Campaign Manager, Louise Bruce. "It seems like Denver needs more time to consult with his lobbyists and DC handlers to draft a policy platform that benefits them. Leslie is happy to accept any invitations by anyone to engage with voters. That is why she will be there on Wednesday, whether Denver decides to leave his chair empty or not." 
In the last couple of days, voters in Virginia's 5th district have been vocal on social media about their discontent at the fact that Riggleman will not be showing up to the forum. They have also expressed concerns about the fact that Riggleman's website does not include any policy issues at all, so no one knows where he stands on the issues. 
Additionally, the Cockburn campaign has accepted invitations to the following debates that Riggleman has yet to accept:
  • UVA Batten School Candidate Debate, Charlottesville, VA
  • League of Women Voters, Fluvanna County, VA


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