Cockburn Campaign Releases New Ad Highlighting How Denver Riggleman Puts Himself Ahead of Virginia’s 5th District

Warrenton, VA - Today, Leslie Cockburn released a new ad highlighting how tax changes that save Denver Riggleman a lot of money will cost Virginia voters a lot! The ad is currently playing in the Charlottesville and Roanoke media markets on both broadcast and cable, as well as on digital platforms. The campaign released the following statement:


“Earlier this year, Denver Riggleman bragged about how recent tax changes are saving him $7,000 a month. What Riggleman didn’t tell Virginia voters is that those same tax changes are ballooning the national deficit by nearly $2 trillion and will raise premiums on older Americans by as much as $1500 next year alone,” said Louise Bruce, Campaign Manager for Leslie Cockburn. “And to pay for Riggleman’s massive tax giveaway, Riggleman’s cronies in Washington are already talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare. As voters in Virginia’s 5th district head to the polls in less than a month, they’ll have a clear choice between Leslie Cockburn, a champion for working families, and Denver Riggleman, who puts himself first and would cost Virginia voters a lot!”


The script of the ad follows: 



Narrator: It saved him a lot of money.


That’s what Denver Riggleman said when asked about his support for tax changes that benefit the richest Americans and corporations.


He’d add 1.9 trillion to the deficit and raise premiums on older Americans by as much as 1500 dollars.


And in Washington they’re talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare to pay for Riggleman’s tax giveaway.


Saving Riggleman a lot of money will cost you a lot.


Denver Riggleman: putting himself first.



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