My Pledge to VA05

My Pledge to The People of Virginia's 5th District

HEALTHCARE Fight for Medicare for all, hold big pharma accountable for price gouging and pushing opioids, fund addiction treatment, and protect Medicare and Social Security. Click here to read more.

ENVIRONMENT Restore the Environmental Protection Agency, make climate change a top priority, fight the fracked gas pipelines, reverse the decision to raise National Park fees to $70 per vehicle, and expand conservation funding in the farm bill. Click here to read more.

WOMEN Fight for women’s equal pay, reproductive health, paid family leave, stand up for women’s choice and free contraception, and fight sexual assault in the military. Click here to read more.

EQUALITY Fight for racial justice by addressing criminal justice reform and the school-to-prison pipeline. Click here to read more.

EDUCATION Restore funding to our starved public schools, reform crippling student debt, increase funding for pre-K, and make community college free. Click here to read more.

ECONOMY Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, support unions and collective bargaining, fund training and drug treatment so that those who want jobs can fill the 2,500 jobs now available, create new renewable energy jobs in Virginia. Click here to read more.

GUNS Deny those guilty of domestic violence from owning guns, close background check loopholes, ban bump stocks, and support the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 while staunchly protecting the rights of hunters.

VETERANS Make sure our veterans come first in the budget so that all of their needs are taken care of.

I pledge to achieve this agenda without taking a single penny from corporate PACs. 

Join me! Click here to vote for me at your local caucus.



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